My name is Mychol Scully. Since 1988, I’ve engaged in design thinking, from interiors to graphics and web to organizational and network design.

design is design is design



Asking the questions. ALL the questions. Probing for the real answers.


Solving the communications puzzle. Developing a compelling story through images and words.


Identifying and deploying the most appropriate technologies to get the job done.


This is not a one night stand. I stick around post-project to make sure you get your money’s worth ongoing.

About me

I’ve been offering independent design thinking to the public since 1988. Applying truly bilateral thinking to every design challenge, I bring the logic tools of business systems analysis combined with an intuitive understanding of language and culture to develop comprehensive solutions to the identification and communication of your core message to your present and potential audience.

If we don’t burst out laughing half-way through, it’s possible we’re just not doing it right!

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